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John Bested Surveyors operates under an accredited Quality System complying with ISO 9001.2008.

Our experienced professional staff utilise the latest instruments and software to ensure a fast and cost effective field to finish solution. Whether you are after a small Level and Detail Survey to facilitate the design of a dwelling or large scale topographic survey for road, railway or mine design John Bested Surveyors has the knowledge and experience to benefit your project.

Topographic Surveys

John Bested Surveyors are specialists in providing comprehensive topographic surveys to facilitate the planning and engineering design of large infrastructure projects including mines, wind farms, roads, railways and pipelines. If required we are also able to facilitate the locations and survey of the various utilities underground service infrastructure. Survey data can be supplied in a number of formats and is tailored to our client’s request.

Level & Feature Surveys

If you are undertaking a building project or site redevelopment your architect, building designer or builder will often require a Level and Feature survey as the basis for the new design. Clients will generally include in a brief what level of information they require to be included in the survey. A Level and Feature survey will generally show any existing buildings, structures, trees, driveways, paths, fences, retaining walls, spot levels, floor levels, roadside kerb / gutter levels, visible services and contours. When conducting and preparing this type of survey we consult closely with our clients to include any other specific requests.

Survey results are provided electronically in both AutoCAD and PDF format.

Powerline & Pipeline Route Surveys

John Bested Surveyors are experienced in providing comprehensive topographic route surveys to facilitate the planning and engineering design both Powerline and Pipeline infrastructure projects. 

Mining Tenement & Exploration Lease Setout

John Bested Surveyors is able to undertake the surveying of tenement boundaries . We are able to mark out tenements anywhere in South Australia with fast mobilisation when required.

Exploration Borehole Setout & Gridding

Exploration surveys including gridding and Drill Hole setout. Mine Development surveys including Bore field, Mine Infrastructure, Pit layout and Road set out.

Stockpile Volumes

John Bested Surveyors are specialists in 3D surface modelling and stockpile volume calculations. Whether it is by ground survey or aerial survey, end of month or end of financial year, small or large scale stockpiles John Bested Surveyors has the expertise and experience that guarantee accurate results. 

UAV Aerial Mapping

John Bested Surveyors provides affordable aerial mapping services using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) across South Australia, delivering spatial data to a wide range of industries and sectors. Our UAV operators are also licensed surveyors, who undertake the project planning, placement and survey of ground control, comprehensive infield measurements for surface verification, image acquisition, processing, surface validation and data extraction.

In many Aerial Mapping projects the integration of traditional surveying techniques is required in order to measure areas obscured by vegetation cover. This would include ground surface levels and any other services or features not captured through dense tree canopies, drainage headwalls, culvert and pipe inverts filled with debris and the location of the underground services were required.

UAV Aerial Mapping combined with traditional surveying methods means we can provide a complete ground / air solution for your next mapping project.

John C Bested & Associates are a Civil Aviation Safety Authority certified UAV Operator.

UAV Operators Certificate Number : CASA.UOC.0259

Applications include

  • Pit Volumes
  • Stockpile Volumes
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Route Survey
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Broad acre Subdivision Developments
  • Rehabilitation Proposals
  • Timeline Surveys
  • Landfill Calculations

Deliverables include

  • Geo-referenced Orthophotos (GDA94 Datum, Local Datum or Mine Datum)
  • Point clouds
  • Digital Terrain Models
  • Full 3D feature extraction of both String and Point Data in layered models to suit client’s requests.
  • Topographic / Engineering surveys

Control Surveys

Control Surveys are undertaken in order to establish a common, consistent network of physical points that are the basis for controlling the horizontal and vertical positions of large infrastructure projects. Control surveys provide consistent and accurate horizontal and vertical control on which all subsequent survey, design and construction works are based. John Bested Surveyors has been responsible for the establishment of the Primary Control Network on many of South Australia’s Large Infrastructure Projects including

  • Northern Expressway
  • Urban Superway Project
  • South Australia Railway Revitalisation Project
Photogrammetric Control Surveys are undertaken in order to establish a common, consistent network of control points visible in the images taken during Aerial Surveys and used during image processing. John Bested Surveys were responsible for the establishment and survey of the Photo Control network on the URBAN Superway project in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.


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